Typical Day In Treatment

Meridian's residential programs feature a robust and diverse schedule of clinical and supportive services. Once you or a loved one has entered the program, you will meet with a clinical staff member to assess your needs, past experiences, and preferences so that a treatment plan can be developed. This treatment plan will help identify activities, resources, and supports that will assist in your comfort, treatment experience, and recovery.

Individual client needs are always considered to improve the likelihood of success but there are some standard treatment services offered to all clients. Group therapy is held 7-days a week, which exceeds the expectation for many of our referral sources. Individual therapy sessions with a licensed therapist take place at least once each week. Case management services are available to assist in ensuring a safe and efficient transition to a client's next level of care (e.g., outpatient providers, sober housing, etc.). Clients are also supported by peer recovery coaches, compassionate milieu staff, an art therapist, and more.

A typical day in treatment is dependent upon an individual's needs and preferences. Here are a few examples:

Example 1

7:30 - Breakfast
8:30 - Morning Meeting (with milieu staff)
9:00 - Peer Recovery Group
10:45 am - Group Therapy
12:15 pm - Lunch
1:30 pm - Lecture
3:00 pm - Grief Support Group
4:30 pm - Dinner
5:00 pm - Individual Therapy
6:30 pm - 12-Step Meeting (AA or NA)

Example 2

7:30 am - Breakfast
8:30 am - Morning Meeting (with milieu staff)
9:00 am - Group Therapy
11:00 am - Lecture
12:15 pm - Lunch
1:15 pm - Art Therapy
3:00 pm - Anger Management Group
4:30 pm - Dinner
5:00 pm - Meditation
6:30 pm - 12-Step Group (AA or NA)
7:30 pm - Creative Writing Activity