Types of Programs

Types of Programs

All of our treatment programs emphasize the individual, personal needs of each client who comes to us for treatment. We use evidence-based therapies and principles of 12-step programs that focus on helping the individual understand the root of his or her behavior, and provide support for sustainable behavior change.

We work with clients to help them establish and maintain a recovery-based lifestyle to support long-term recovery.

Programs include:


We provide medically-monitored withdrawal management in a separate unit of our facility. Staff includes licensed medical professionals lead by our Medical Director who is board certified in addiction medicine. Our gender-specific Withdrawal Management units are staffed with licensed medical professionals around-the-clock to assist in providing you a comfortable and safe withdrawal process. Services include group therapy, transition planning and referrals for continuing services.

Our residential program utilizes evidence-based therapies and introduces principles of 12-step programs. Our program is based on a bio-psycho-social-spiritual foundation that is integral to recovery. Through education, psychotherapy, 12-step programs, integrative health and physical healing, you will gain deeper insight into the origins of your condition and begin your journey to long-term recovery.

A variety of outpatient options are available including general individual and group therapy, and intensive outpatient therapy. Like our other programs, our outpatient options use cognitive therapy to help clients get to the root of their behaviors and learn to live a balanced life in recovery.

When administered by licensed medical professionals, certain medications can help normalize brain functions, block the euphoric effects of substances, and reduce physical cravings.