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Find fun and companionship at our men's rehab facility in Waterford, MI

The road to recovery is winding. Along the way, you'll have good days and challenging ones. That's why it's so important to cultivate a community that not only supports you but also understands you.

At Meridian Health Services, our men's rehab program offers support, community and fellowship. We also have in-house activities for you to enjoy so that you can find new hobbies that interest you. Since no two clients are alike, the services we offer are designed to meet your unique needs.

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Which activity will you choose?

Which activity will you choose?

We offer a variety of activities at our men's rehab facility. We have:

  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture treatments
  • Art and exercise activities
  • Pool tables for recreation
  • Spiritual-centered activities and events
You won't spend your days in solitude. You're guaranteed to find something you enjoy.

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