Types of Programs

All of our treatment programs emphasize the individual, personal needs of each client who comes to us for treatment. We use an evidence-based, cognitive therapy that focuses on helping the individual understand the root of his or her behavior, and provide support for sustainable behavior change. We work with clients to help them establish and maintain a balanced lifestyle to support long term recovery.

If our clients have medical needs or co-occurring disorders, our onsite clinical team is there to manage and treat them.

Programs include:


We provide medically-monitored detox in a separate unit of our facility. Staff includes a board-certified internist who is board certified in addiction medicine, registered nurses, and licensed EMT and paramedics on site around the clock. Services include group therapy, transition planning and referrals for continuing services.

Residential Treatment

Our residential program is SAMHSA-recognized, evidence-based, and rooted in cognitive therapy to help clients understand and change their behavior and live a balanced life in recovery. We offer treatment for co-occurring mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Family Therapy

Addiction affects the addict’s family as much as it affects the addict. For true recovery, we recognize that family patterns and behaviors also must change. We offer family therapy in both the residential and outpatient programs. Like our other programs, family therapy is rooted in evidence-based methods that help participants recognize and change their behavior.

Outpatient Programs

A variety of outpatient options are available including general individual and group therapy, and intensive outpatient therapy. Like our other programs, our outpatient options use cognitive therapy to help clients get to the root of their behaviors and learn to live a balanced life in recovery.

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