Depending on your personal situation, your first experience with Meridian may be for detoxification.

Detox is typically a 3-5 day process. Length of time depends on several factors, including your substance use history and medical history.

Detox effects each person differently, so we allow each client to take the time they need. We offer medically-monitored detox in a dedicated section of the building. Medically-monitored means that health care providers are on the unit around the clock to monitor your physical condition, and provide medications to ease withdrawal symptoms.

Meridian Health Services staff will do all we can to keep you comfortable. You’ll have your own bed and space for your belongings. Meals, laundry facilities, and a roomy lounge with flatscreen TV are all provided.

While you’re in detox, you will spend time in daily group therapy sessions with licensed therapists. Therapists and medical providers will evaluate your progress and develop a plan for continued treatment. We may recommend you continue treatment in a residential program, or in various outpatient programs.

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